What is SlopeVIEW

Through the use of augmented reality, allows airport managers, pilots, inspectors and others to visually detect penetrations in accordance with Part 77, FAA 18B, ICAO Annex 14, Unified Facilities Criteria and other common criteria.  SlopeVIEW is the perfect tool to maintain clear surfaces at airports. SlopeVIEW can be used to track tree growth to determine when clearing is required.  

Immediate Validation

When the desired sloping surface is selected (7:1, 20:1, 34:1, 40:1, 50:1, 62.5:1), the user can immediately observe whether penetrations exist. An image can then be captured for documentation purposes.  

Who should be using SlopeVIEW?

  • Airport Managers (Civilian/Military)
  • State Aviation Inspectors
  • Deployed Military Aviation Units
  • Military Inspection Teams
  • Aeronautical Survey Teams
  • Construction Companies

Anyone involved in verifying imaginary surfaces on airports

SlopeVIEW/OIS VIEW Info Video

A brief video on Part 77 imaginary surfaces.